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– this new design direction in creation of home decoration with houseplants. It is presented by the so-called phytomodels executed in the form of original designs for cultivation and decorative registration of plants. Ideologically the phytovanguard relies on opening of new architectural forms by the famous Russians and Soviet constructivists of the beginning of the 20th century. Individual selection of a plant which the form, with the sizes and color emphasizes the general subject and constructive line of model is characteristic of each phytomodel. Designs of all phytomodels are collected from the elements made of the most various materials: glasses, metal, tree, etc. Height of phytomodels with plants averages 50-80 cm. As landing capacity for plants in all phytomodels glass vessels are used. Their internal surface is covered with the sand cover changing when watering a plant the natural light tone on dark (compare two photos of the Shadow model). This effect allows to determine easily visually watering time by return of light tone of a sand cover eventually. Phytomodels look especially effectively as separate decorative object in inhabited or office rooms. The color scale of any phytomodel can be changed at the request of the customer. Now in the world there are no analogs this direction of interior design.
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Yuriy Agafonov

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