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Exhibition Roads: Russia - Armenia

Exhibition Gallery "Artplanet" from September 1 to October 6, 2013
"Roads: Russia - Armenia" Exhibition Gallery "Artplanet" from September 1 to October 6, 2013 will open a new art exhibition of painting, sculpture and decorative arts from the collection of the gallery «Artplanet». The exhibition will be devoted to the history of a long-standing friendship between the two great nations: the Russian and Armenian. The cultures of these peoples have a lot in common, which has always found its reflection in art. Vividly these tendencies manifested themselves in the genre of landscape painting. The works in the exhibition, the audience will enjoy fascinating history of weaving and creative ways and methods of transmission of artistic reality and the perception of the nature and the urban environment artists Russia and Armenia, since the second half of the XIX century to the present day. XIX century was marked by great discoveries and inventions, accompanied by the birth of the great creators and artists that have left an indelible mark in the history of Russian art. A galaxy of artists working in this period and were part of the "Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions", Viktor Vasnetsov, Nikolai Ge, Arkhipov Kuindzhi, Isaac Levitan, Vasily Polenov, Ilya Repin, Alexei Savrasov, Valentin Serov, Vasily Surikov, etc., are jewels not only Russian, but also the world of fine art. The exhibition will also display works of Lev Lagorio, Petr Konchalovsky, Alexander Altman, Nathan Altman, Ivan Shishkin, Vincent Troyanovskii, Constantine Veschilova, Valentin Serov, etc. Along with the names of Russian artists before us a magnificent constellation of names like Gevorg Bashinjaghyan, Ivan Aivazovsky, Yeghishe Tatevosian, etc., which sparkle and talent development is continued in the XX century. This Saryan, Dmitry Nalbandian, Hakob Hakobyan, Yervant Kochar, Hagop Kojoyan, Archil Gorky, Minas Avetisyan, Vardges Surenyants Bazhbeuk Melikian and many others. Dmitry Nalbandian is known in Russia and in the world as a remarkable portrait of the Soviet era, and as a master of lyrical landscape. Saryan, who grew up in an atmosphere of Russian culture, and influenced by Valentin Serov and Konstantin Korovin, went down the line of decorative romanticism. Eghishe Tatevosian linked particularly close friendship with the family of the great Russian masters of landscape painting Vasily Polenov. The palette of creative pursuit of art diversify the work of contemporary artists represented in the exhibition. The exhibition will be held in the framework of the "old-new", combining in a single space of the Russian and Armenian masters of centuries past and present. The very name of the project gives the right to be side by side two different eras, different times, different authors, co-exist in the same space in a single room, to be in harmony, without interfering without overshadowing, but rather complement each other, reminding, and based on old and showing new, in a beautiful new form, giving his life in a new creative approach. Gallery "Artplanet" already has experience in such exhibitions, which were held back in 2010 in the Moscow Yachtclub MCI in 2010 and 2011. Central House of Artists on the Crimean Val in 2011 on Tverskaya Street, artsalone "Mosaic" in 2012 in the halls of "Maude design" and "Art-play." Of the exhibition is part of a planned art projects themed exhibits, which will find the upcoming sequel, and will continue for the following exhibitions in 2013 Presentation of the exhibition "Roads: Russia - Armenia" will be held September 5th, 2013 at 17.00. City Day - September 7 On the day of one of the most important and beloved by Muscovites holidays - "City Day" in the framework of the "old-new" in the courtyard of the Memorial Manor FIShalyapin will work vernissage of urban landscapes of Moscow and Yerevan. Golden Autumn on September 22, in honor of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the memorial estate FIShalyapin under the "Roads. Russia-Armenia "gallery" Artplanet "in cooperation with the Museum Memorial Homestead FI Chaliapin opens the exhibition "Golden Autumn", which will feature the work of artists from the times of the great singer FI Chaliapin, and up to the present day. Autumn in some countries it is the beginning of a new year. The beauty of this time has the magic that captivated and fascinated many poets, artists, and musicians. "Put the case, go to admire the autumn, to listen to her music. There is still time. Take a look at all of this and you will live happily ... ". Boris Pasternak

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